Conference interpreting – helping your business!

Although English is the most common language used in the business world, there will always be a language barrier between people for whom English is not a mother tongue and who will prefer to negotiate using their native languages.

This is especially true of conferences, seminars, commercial expos, and other business-related events.  The participants at such events want to fully understand one another and to be completely understood.

This is where interpreters come in. They are absolutely indispensable for conference or simultaneous interpreting. Conference interpreters are an integral part of each international conference, symposium, business negotiation session, seminar, lecture…

Their work and contribution to the smooth running of the event often goes unnoticed. Without conference interpreters, however, communication between the participants in an international event would be quite complicated or even impossible. 

What is conference interpreting?

First and foremost conference interpreting is COMMUNICATION.

A conference interpreter forges communication links among people, removes language barriers and helps different cultures converge. 

Conference interpreting – simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, chuchotage? Which type should you choose?

It depends on the type of communication you would like to engage in.  We will offer you a completely free consultation to help you take the right decision. Each event is unique and needs to be planned and organized accordingly.

Why choose our conference interpreting  service? 

Because we will offer you:


Consultation on the type of interpreting that best fits your needs;


Choice of the most appropriate conference interpreters depending on the topic of the event;


Consistently high quality delivered by professional and extensively-trained conference interpreters;


Flexible pricing individually tailored to your needs.

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