Transal Services Ltd offers services in the field of translation and interpretation!

Conference, legal and economic translation and legalization.

If you need quality translation services

look no further - talk to us!


Translation, legalisation. Quality translation and interpretation. Professional translator/inetrpreter. If you need quality translation/interpretation services, look no further – contact us!

  TRANSAL SERVICES LTD Transal Services LTD offers translation and interpretation services and organises the stay of foreign visitors as well as events, providing also the relevant interpretation.

  If you choose to work with us you will receive not only quality and loyalty, but also personal attitude and understanding. What matters is what you want, what your needs are and how we can help you!  

  To us the formula for success is the following: Enthusiasm and passion for work + professional conduct and quality = sustainable development and pleased regular customers.


преводи и легализация