Conference interpretation - an aid in business!

 Even though the English language is the most widely used in the business world, there would always exist a language barrier between individuals who are not native speakers of English, hence they would quite often prefer to negotiate in their mother tongue. This is especially so at conferences, seminars, commercial exhibitions and other business related occasions. What people need is to understand fully, and to be fully understood. And this is when you will need an interpreter. Interpreters are indispensable for conference and simultaneuos interpretations. Conference interpreters are an integral part of any international conference, simposium, business negotiation, seminar, lecture ...Their work and contribution to the successful carrying out of the respective event often go unnoticed. However, without the assistance of conference interpreters, communication between the participants in the relevant international event would be quite complicated. 

What is conference intrerpretation?

 First and foremost, it's COMMUNICATION. Conference interpretation ensures the communication link between people, removes language barriers and facilitates the convergence of differing cultures. 

Conference interpretation - simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, chuchotage…? Which type should you choose?

 It depends on how you would like to communicate. We will offer you advice completely out of charge in this respect, which will help you make the chioce that is suitable for you. Each event is individual and unique and therefore it needs to be planned and organised accordingly.

Why choose our conference interpretation services? 

Because we offer:

  • free of charge advice on the type of interpretation
  • selection of the best interpreters considering the topic of the event
  • high quality every time using qualified and trained to perfection conference interpreters
  • individual price list to accommodate your needs and requirements

We would be glad if you сontact us to plan and organise the interpretation for your events in the best way for you.